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File Listing for: NDAA APRI Books
pdfAlcohol Tox for Prosecutors.pdf 593.35KB 8 years old
pdfBasic Trial Techniques Monograph.pdf 615.18KB 5 years old
pdfBreath Testing for Prosecutors.pdf 351.02KB 8 years old
pdfCDL Monograph.pdf 9.31MB 8 years old
pdfChallenges and Defenses II.pdf 960.16KB 8 years old
pdfCrash Recon for Prosecutors.pdf 680.06KB 8 years old
pdfCross Examination for Prosecutors.pdf 2.19MB 8 years old
pdfDRE Program 2018.pdf 4.77MB 5 years old
pdfDRE Program Cover Sheet.pdf 2.07MB 5 years old
pdfDrug Tox for Prosecutors.pdf 378.75KB 8 years old
pdfHGN Admissibility.pdf 628.94KB 8 years old
pdfObtaining Prior Convictions.pdf 334.06KB 8 years old
pdfOvercoming Defense Issues.pdf 637.19KB 8 years old

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