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File Listing for: 2016 New Laws
pdfArrest and conviction to TBI pc 718.pdf 80.71KB 1 year old
pdfDUI Monitoring by devices PC 653.pdf 65.77KB 1 year old
pdfEvading Arrest pc 633.pdf 51.78KB 1 year old
pdfEvading as amended by new law.pdf 177.63KB 1 year old
pdfHA0891 DUI 6th offense.pdf 49.66KB 1 year old
pdfIgnition Interlock PC 888.pdf 297.86KB 1 year old
pdfMonitoring Fund PC 653.pdf 65.77KB 1 year old
pdfNew Ignition Interlock Law quick guide.pdf 14KB 1 year old
pdfpc0834 Failure to yeild penalties.pdf 43.74KB 1 year old
pdfpc0842 slow poke law.pdf 77.64KB 1 year old
pdfpc0876 DUI 6th.pdf 233.21KB 1 year old
pdfpc0944 operating in a bike lane.pdf 76.45KB 1 year old
pdfpc1021 VH no probation.pdf 42.77KB 1 year old
pdfpc1026 Diversion jail.pdf 44.38KB 1 year old
pdfpc1030 Underage DWI.pdf 77.39KB 1 year old
pdfpc1036 School Bus.pdf 79.4KB 1 year old
pptxWebinar.pptx 3.06MB 1 year old